summary and background

project summary
Bełchatów Power Plant has been working on the preparatory task to develop a demonstration scale CCS installation integrated with the newly-built 858 MW unit at Bełchatów Power Plant since 2007. The CCS project implemented at Bełchatów Power Plant will include the following key components as the full value chain in the validation process of the CCS technology:
•Carbon Capture Plant (CCP) of equivalent power of >250MW and a CO2 capture efficiency of >80% utilizing the Advanced Amine Process (AAP) & its integration with the 858 MW unit. It means, that the CCP will capture approximately 1,8 million tonnes of CO2 per annum. The new 858MW unit will be modified for the needs of the CCP construction to obtain the status 'Capture Ready'
•CO2 Transportation: this component will consist of a pipeline and the associated infrastructure to transport the compressed CO2 from the Carbon Capture Plant (CCP) to the storage site to be selected
•CO2 Storage: this will include the injection of pressurized CO2 into the ground (deep saline aquifers) for permanent storage
project policy
project permitting
Building permit capture: 22 Feb 2010 Building permit pipeline: Aug 2013 Construction start-up permit storage: Dec 2012
project funding sources
EEPR 180

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