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project summary
Enel is committed to building a CCS demonstration facility at Porto Tolle, which will capture CO2 present in the flue stream from a power plant, then compressing, transporting and storing it in a saline aquifer. The project involves retrofitting a 660MW coal-fired power-generation group equipped with a post-combustion CO2 capture system at the Porto Tolle plant.

The post-combustion capture equipment will be designed to treat a flue gas flow rate of 0.8 MNm3/h, corresponding to a quota equal to the 250 MWe electrical output. The post-combustion capture unit will separate about 1 Mt/y of CO2, which will be transported to an off-shore saline aquifer and injected underground.
project policy
ETS, SET plan
project permitting
The transposition of the European directive 2009/31/CE related to CO2 storage is ongoing in Italy.
project funding sources
EEPR, Corporate

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